Parents and Educators

The Greymouse story gently weaves numerous important social values throughout the pages of its compelling adventure.  They are social characteristics similar to those stressed by today's concerned parents and educators: compassion, community responsibility, good humor, bravery, anti-bullying and numerous other desirable social attributes come to life through the carefree, generous and adventurous spirit of Greymouse, the bravest mouse ever.  Greymouse is fun to read, fun to hear being read, fun to imagine happening and fundamental to establishing a sound foundation for life.

Greymouse is more than a fun bedtime story

Kids of All Ages

Not only does the adventure lend itself to serving as a bedtime story to young children, it is also infused with a spiritual element that carries an appeal to adults who will recognize and enjoy its subtle moral ethic.  Greymouse is truly a story for children of all ages.


Scamper along with the fearless, happy-go-lucky Greymouse as he dashes around a golden wheat field gathering food for winter . . . now and again teasing hungry hawks that circle overhead.  One particular sunny day Greymouse notices three unaware rabbits in a clearing that soon will be in plain sight of an approaching hawk.  To save the rabbits Greymouse will have to put his own life at risk.  His plan earns him a priceless magic power, and proves him to be the bravest mouse ever.